Registered Brand New 2014 with 304miles on the clock

40,000,000.00 30,000,000.00

The story is simple, the car was bought, registered in 2014 but not driven any more than thrice. Mileage? 304miles. Amazing!!! This car still breathes newness, engine still lets off flashes of shimmery iron newness. It's just heartstopping freshness.



The G-Wagen needs no intrduction. If the automtive world were a jungle, this will be a pack leader of a lion’s pride. It comes with a number of standard features, they include:
– 4 wheel ABS with cornering brake control
– Electrically heated windshield
– Navigation screen
– Dual zone climate control
– Bluetooth
– Rear view camera
– Adaptive cruise controls
– Wood and leather trimmed steering wheel
– LED lights
– Superb ground clearance
– 7G-Tronic plus 7-speed automatic with manual mode gear system
– Heated washer
– Bi-xenon headlights
– Blindspot assist
– 12 Harman Kardon speakers
– 18″ alloy
– Crisp leather seats
– 5.5Liters V8 high-performance engine

…and lots of more features for the adventurous.


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